Dandelion Farm is a home based creative space. One day though, it will be a farm. With acres of land and flocks of animals. For now, it remains living through this blog and all the things I do that strive toward making Dandelion Farm a real place. Contained in this blog are practical approaches to the many adventures I live.


I am Cerah.

I am not a backyard homesteader. But I love my backyard and making it useful. I am not an expert crafter. But I’m great at making useful things that help cut costs.

I indulge in fiber related things. I used to be a knitter (sticking to the usual practical objects such as scarves and socks). And while I’m slowly getting back into the habit, my main focus is hand-spinning. The longer I’ve been without a yard and animals the more I wanted them. I miss farm smells, the textures, and the sounds. Taking raw fleece, processing it, washing it and spinning it helps satisfy that farm-need I possess. Now that I have yard, things are starting to take off.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find useful and fun things while here!

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