Fair Isle: Decrypting the form

Awhile ago I decided to up my knitting abilities and tackle Fair Isle. I did this through a simple square coaster….and a TON of youtube videos. Below are the tutorial videos that really seemed extra helpful for me. I’ve embedded a link to the Youtube playlist I created for this colorful technique. I’ll be updating this playlist and the list of videos as I tackle my next fair isle projects.

There are so many tutorials out there, and some are extra helpful, others aren’t so helpful. The ones here not only show you the basics of Fair Isle, but also some other aspects on knitting with multiple colors: like how to handle the yarns and tack the floats so fingers don’t get caught in the garment.

My next project is going to be a vest with 6 different colors. I’ll update and repost as I learn how to handle that many threads and share with you all the tutorials I found the most helpful- hopefully streamlining your own process.

For my first ever Fair Isle knit piece – I’m pretty proud of this little square. Definitely going into my Fiber Art Archive Binder.



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