Dog Damage: Spindle 101 and coveting the candy

So the Carolina Fiber Festival is coming up! And, since I am getting a tax return I’ve decided to increase my fiber processing equipment. This means new spindles!!! Now as a quick Ravelry search will show you there are a lot of options for spindles- images of beautiful spindles with inlay designs and gems. Then…there is my reality.

I would love to spend the extra money on some absolutely beautiful spindles. My life, and general clumsiness, dictates other priorities. I’ve decided to stick with Ashford drop spindles. They are simple, plain and never featured in the Spindle Candy photos. The company isn’t paying me any money to say this by the way. The reason for my choice is quite simple: they have the best price point for drop spindles that, honestly, I won’t be treating very nice.

I travel with my spindles. I walk with my spindles. I leave them out on tables, where they roll off and get dings. I’ve stepped on them, tripped over them, I’ve even actually dropped them while spinning (the single got too thin and I didn’t catch it in time)…basically my spindles live active lives and seeing how I’ve gone through two student spindles since last April I don’t see the practicality in me dropping $60+ on one spindle. (I mean I totally get why people do…. Spindle Eye Candy photos are just phenomenal and make me envious).

In order to help me cope with my choice of utilitarian spindles I needed to remind myself about why the decision is for the best.

The following gallery is an example of what happens when your fabulous fluff loving dog gets ahold of your spindle. (It should be noted that he also loves wood….so basically this was just the jack pot of chew toys for him.)


I’m sure I will return to this post throughout my spinning career as I toy with the idea of upgrading to something breathtakingly beautiful…. always good to have a reality check.


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