Square by Square: patchwork blanket

Late-summer 2015 I took on an immense project. So immense that at my current rate it will be completed in two and half years. The project? A patchwork blanket the size of my bed. I share a full size bed with my partner, K. He likes the idea of a knitted blanket but thought it would be here in a few months. I laughed when he said this. I’m forewarning you: over the next year be prepared for many updates on this project. I plan to celebrate every little accomplishment. My New’s Resolution (you know, besides getting back into shape after my year of injuries) is to complete the knitting portion of this blanket. At my currently set goals, this won’t happen. But a girl can dream.

This project came about because of Harry Potter. I was inspired by the Ron Weasley blanket (pattern worked up by Penguineer’s Purls). I really, really wanted to make this one exactly. However, I realized that choosing colors that I liked best and would work well in my room was probably the wisest choice if I was to actually use the object I would be working so hard on. And thus began…..my patchwork blanket tale.


I chose a pattern from Winter Knits Made Easy (2014, DK Publishing). Why? Well, it’s colorful. Just look at the image above. 🙂 The other reason- the squares are small. Now this is also a reason NOT to choose this pattern- I’ll explain in a second. I thought of this as a plus though because I knew I had to set a goal in order for this to be a feasible project. My daily goal is one square a day. My weekly goal is one skein. This doesn’t actually add up- but I’m using knitter’s math.

I chose to stick with Encore brand yarn because of its decent price point and washability. Check out the project on Ravelry for the full list of colors. This blanket, the full-full size, requires 527ish squares. I get 10 -11 squares per skein. That’s 53 skeins of yarn at $6 a piece. The total price of this project comes out to $316.20. Not cheap. But it will be amazing to actually do it!

The total price isn’t that daunting for me. I can by three skeins with my allowance ($20/week) whenever I finish the colors I currently have. This system seems to be working for me.

The issue I mentioned above with the small squares is this…. to finish the thing you have to sew all those suckers together. Obviously, larger squares means less sewing together of squares. I’ve accepted that I’ve backed myself into a corner here and I’ve divided the project into two parts: the knitting and the sewing. Other wise I think I’d be overwhelmed- and in order to achieve your New Year’s resolutions you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by them!!!


Here is what I’ve done so far! Nine of the fourteen colors are in my possession. If I hadn’t broken my pinky finger and had been able to knit during November, we would be looking at stacks of squares only. Life worked out differently though and I’m a month behind. Pinky is mended (much more important for knitting than I thought) and daily goals are back on!

The wisest of you out there probably noticed the un-woven in tails on all the squares. Like a good knitter I fully intend to weave in as I go – starting right after I finish all these skeins…. 🙂

Like I said, I will be boastfully updating everyone on my progress with this blanket along with the surplus of other projects I have going on. (Believe it or not I have 4 full fleeces to skirt, wash and spin as well 🙂 ).

Happy New Year everybody!

I look forward to hearing from you all over this next year. I have a TON of great posts lined up that I’ve been working on. Quite a few things I’ve messed up that I’ll be sharing so you can learn from my mistakes (i.e. the Bunny Housing Saga).


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