Washing Clothes!!…by hand :(

So, this isn’t a post I hope to repeat. But my washing machine decided not to work. For some people this might be a “oh no! It’ll be alright. I have clean clothes that’ll last until it gets fixed.” I did not. Why?

I don’t do laundry. That’s a Kyle chore. Kyle isn’t here. When this all happened, I didn’t remember that last time I actually did a load of my clothes since he left, so I decided it was time to do some. Another impetus for this need to actually be a hygienic adult was I had no clean clothes left.

They look so pretty all arranged like this...its disguising the dirt caked on everywhere.
They look so pretty all arranged like this…it disguises the dirt caked on everywhere.

When I went to start the first load, I realized that no water was actually getting to the washing machine. Luckily it wasn’t leaking anywhere else as far I could tell. I gave a quiet thanks to Kim- Kyle’s mom- for actually paying attention to my Christmas List this last winter and getting me a Wonder Wash.

I tried to get a nice portrait picture of the Wonder Wash, but it wasn’t happening. Basically it’s a big capsule that is suspended and you crank it around in circles to wash your clothes. These things are awesome!

Except when they are your backup for two weeks worth of laundry and linens. So, instead of getting incredibly depressed about it, I thought Hey! Maybe a post or tutorial…So here goes.

So, there were a few pictures that didn’t work. I’ll try to explain as I go along. The picture above shows clothes divided into piles. This is really important actually. The Wonder Wash doesn’t handle large amounts of clothing. You can’t put in 3 pairs of jeans, it’s sort of like overloading a regular washing machine. It’ll jiggle too much while you turn it and you know that next time you shouldn’t put that much in.

It isn’t really rocket science. But there aren’t exact directions either. Here’s what I’ve found works for me:

3 quarts of water for the wash

1 Tbsp of detergent

2-3 quarts for the rinses (which you need 1 – 3 of depending on how dirty and if you add vinegar to one for odor control..which reminds me)

1 splash of vinegar for smelly things (dog blankies are a good example of a super smelly something that needs a vinegar rinse)

Believe it or not this is a HUGE decrease in water usage compared to what HE washers use. In my research I found stats that listed up to 40 gallons used per load in HE washers. That doesn’t sound highly efficient to me, so I shudder to think at how many gallons non-HE washers use.

At the bottom is a photo gallery of the process. But, a bit of the PROS of Wonder Washes and why I got one.

I was in an apartment complex where we had to pay for laundry…this is my pet peeve. I hate paying for laundry. I hate doing laundry, so paying for it is just salt in the wound. Wonder Washes are a great way to reduce costs, and are environmentally friendly. These are major reasons to use them regularly. It takes 10-15 min to complete a ‘wash cycle’. On a regular basis I use mine for delicates, like silks and anything that says “hand wash”. My washing machine has a hand wash setting but it’s wasteful to use a whole machine for 4 or 5 items I think.


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