aside Doggie Popsicle!!

It has been hot here, and that’s an understatement. According to we’ve had several days that “feel like 105.” I’ve never felt 105 degrees before…so I’ll have to take their word for it. Needless to say everyone is feeling the ‘heat.’ I’ve spent the last week nursing what I can only describe as heat sickness. Hence, the days of no new posts and a growing mass of household chores that I haven’t been getting to. This weekend though we are having rain storms that have brought in cooler temperatures and lots of mud….which isn’t isn’t helping my growing list of dirty things around the house.

Getting to actual topic of this post- Doggie Popsicles!!

This was an impromptu creation that I made to help my dogs cool off and increase their appetites. The heat wave had brought their appetites down and I even had issues getting my little one, Bippo, to drink. The solution? A delicious frozen mass of chicken and veggie broth!

Now, for those dog savvy folks out there you may notice one major flaw with this popsicle. The chicken bones!! Cooked chicken bones are extremely dangerous for dogs. They splinter and cause internal bleeding, choking, and all that jazz. So, why are they in this pot?

Well… the story goes like this:  “Hey!” I thought to myself “I’ll make a dog popsicle for my babies. It’ll be great!” I choose some dog-safe veggies (ex: carrots, celery, kale…note no onions or garlic. These can cause digestive issues. More on that in a later post.) dig up some chicken legs from the freezer that I had from a previous experiment, and plop everything into my slow-cooker. And voila! 4 hours later the machine goes off…and I’m sound asleep.

The next morning half-awake I popped the cooker liner into the freezer and worked on coffee. I had completely forgotten about the bones. When it was frozen, I pulled it out and realized my mistake.

I solved this by not putting it outside in an unsupervised situation. Placing it on a towel, I set it up in the middle of the kitchen and went about my clothes washing task. I was super, super careful about how close to the bone I let him lick. It took 3 days, a couple hours each day, for Findow to lick the pot/slow cooker liner clean. (Bippo, my little one, didn’t want it….I ended up dumping chicken broth into her water bowl to entice her to drink more.)chxbone

I took out each bone as it became freed from the ice and picked off the meat, splitting it between the two dogs. There was this one scare, when I thought Findow (who doesn’t really chew his food) had swallowed a bit of bone. Turned out- after I fished it out of his throat, a skill gained after raising a sock-eater- that it was just a frozen chunk. Obviously, my lesson has been learned and I’ll be removing the meat from the bones before making the broth next time. *If you make meat broth- put the bones in while cooking it! It adds flavor and nutrients that dogs, and humans for that matter, need.*

Why buy the chicken with the bones? You maybe asking. Firstly, it’s waaaay cheaper than boneless breasts. I love my dogs, and obviously they are super spoiled, but I don’t want to waste money on them. Since I believe in the ethical treatment of livestock animals and ethical slaughtering practices, I don’t buy crap meat for my dogs. My conscience doesn’t allow it. I buy as affordable as possible ‘happy-chicken’ meat products. The price difference between the chickens legs and boneless breasts is $3.65 (and down) versus $9.87(+ up) respectively. Secondly, as I said above, the bone marrow adds more nutrients. It ends up being a win-win.

Look at that happy boy! So cute!
Look at that happy boy! So cute!

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